Affordable and Durable Phone Cases that will Increase Your Phones Life

By Andre January 16, 2023 in Tech

So you just got a new phone, and the shopkeeper or a friend might have suggested getting a cover. Is it essential to get a case for your phone? The answer is yes! Cell phones are heavily used every day, and if we are not careful about how we handle them, they can quickly get scratched, damaged, or broken. Phones are very likely to slip every now and then, and without the right case the damage can be critical! So, hurry up and pick out a case from the ones listed below!

Incipio Duo

Sometimes, you only need a basic protective case that does nothing more than its job. The Incipio Duo is the perfect case if that’s your cup of tea! The slim case has raised edges that protect your phone camera and screen in case of a drop and from scratches. The case has a soft exterior making it easy and pleasant to hold, and the buttons are ultra-responsive!

Mophie Juice Pack Access

The Juice Pack Access is the result of an engineer’s creativity going wild. The case is exceptionally durable and will give you extra battery! The case is unbelievably thin for something that will charge your phone’s battery, and it even features a seamless on/off button, so you don’t have to worry about overcharging either!

Spigen Clear Case

Spigen offers exceptional phone cases at a steal of a price, and this one for the iPhone 12/12 Pro is no different. The clear case lets you show off the beautiful design of your phone while protecting and preserving it. The cover has raised edges and bumpers that protect your phone from serious damage. The case is made from an anti-yellowing resin, so the cover doesn’t lose appeal after a while!

Smartish Wallet Slayer Vol. 1

Do you have a habit of keeping receipts/change or cards in the cover of your phone? Well, you are not alone, and phone-case designers took this into consideration! While the concept is not new, and you could get book-like folio cases that flipped onto your screen, they were inconvenient. The folio cases covered your screen and added unnecessary bulk. Now you can get the same features without the bothersome flap with the Wallet Slayer!

Ringke Fusion-X Case

Ringke cases are designed to compliment the curves and edges of your phone, so you can showcase the effort that went into the phone’s design! The cases are shock-resistant and rugged while simultaneously being soft to the touch. The combination of opaque and transparent sections in their cases can sometimes result in an exceptional appearance.

We made sure to list the tried and tested cases in the market for you. The ones linked above are for popular models, but you can also find cases for your model on their websites. Do you think that a phone case is an essential accessory? Tell us why or why not in the comment section below!

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