Does Your Work Desk Look Bland? Liven It Up with Attractive Décor Pieces

By Andre December 14, 2022 in Work

Desk décor may seem like something you would do to make your workspace more presentable to others, but it goes way beyond that. We spend a third of our lives at work, and that is a lot of time to spend somewhere you don’t feel at home! Desk décor changes your whole mindset about your workplace; if you personalize it correctly, you will look forward to coming to work. Studies show that employees who personalize their work desk are 12% happier than those who don’t! So look into these desk décor items:

Living Desk Plants
Desk plants do the obvious and clean the atmosphere of your desk, but they also serve the purpose of calming you! Plants on your work desk will reduce overall stress and give you a sense of well-being. We don’t recommend keeping high-maintenance plants at your desk; some succulents will be just fine! Look into this four-pack of Assorted Cactus and Succulent Plants by Altman Plants for a start.

Put Up Some Quotes
Let’s be honest; your workplace is not the most motivating place on the planet. It’s common for people to experience Monday blues and look up to the last day of the week. So, putting up a few quotes around your desk might serve well in motivating you. Put up something that resonates with you, or just put up some wise words from one of your role models! Get a custom wood sign with your favorite inspirational quote for the perfect aesthetic!

Get a Desk Calendar
Sounds cliché, right? Well, hear us out first! Humans are creatures that often forget what they are working towards amid mundane work. Circling dates with important upcoming things or ones that are important to you will keep you on top of stuff! While there are countless apps for that today, nothing beats the simplicity and beauty of a traditional desk calendar.

Scented Candles
Did you know that you automatically remember a memory or a person if linked to a scent? Sometimes work can get tricky, and you may feel stressed even if you meet all the deadlines just fine. Candles with a scent will play a good role in keeping you happy through stress-relieving aroma therapy. Try the Christmas Eve scent by Yankee Candles, and feel relaxed.

Organize Your Wires
Work Desks these days are filled with all sorts of wires, and they can quickly reduce the overall appeal of your desk. But often, you cannot get rid of any of them. Even if the cables are for temporary use, detaching and attaching them each time you want to use them is sometimes unfeasible. What is the best solution? A 10-pack wire organizer set by Dazone. Through this, you get to keep all the functionality of the wires, and it will even look cool!

Desk décor is a good idea for employers and employees too. It improves the overall mood and reduces stress. Do you think you will be investing in desk décor after these insights? Tell us in the comments below!

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