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Make Hair Styling a Breeze with the Best Hairbrushes of 2023

By Andre January 31, 2023 in Home

When it comes to our looks, we take our time on each product we buy, from our makeup palettes to our hair curlers. Blow dryers and curling irons get constant praise for their effectiveness, but your hairbrush always seems to get ignored. When your hair is wet, it is much more likely to break, and a hairbrush with the wrong bristles can be a disaster. The right brush can do wonders in de-tangling your hair and preparing you for the day! Here are a few hairbrushes that you need to consider if you want the best bang for the buck:

Urtheone Boar Bristle Hairbrush

This brush immediately stands out in others as it is made from wood. The wood adds some weight but does not make it uncomfortable to handle. The extra weight helps the brush through tangles and wet hair and gives it a durable and luxurious feeling too! The rectangular shape of the brush helps it get a good volume of hair, and it can easily brush through thick, wavy hair!

Briogeo Vegan Boar Bristle Hair Brush

This brush is very close to the first one on the list! While the Urtheone brush feels much more luxurious in your hands, the Vegan Boar Bristle brush looks more pleasing. While that may be unimportant to many, it may matter to someone keen on aesthetics. It is a bit smaller, and the bristles are cruelty-free nylon, but they feel like the real deal.

Wet Brush – Original Detangler Hair Brush

The Wet brush has maintained a lasting reputation and is the go-to brush for so many people. The nylon bristles are designed to be super flexible, so instead of getting caught in tangles and snagging on your hair, the brush just flows through! The brush does a fantastic job getting into knots and loosening them without discomfort, and it also does wonders in removing lumps in a ponytail.

Drybar Super Lemon Drop

If you liked the Briogeo boar bristle brush, then the Super Lemon Drop is already on your radar. It is just like the latter, but it comes in bright yellow instead of a shade of purple. It has a soft, luxe handle and the ideal weight in a brush. It flows excellently through tangles in dry and wet hair, leaving your hair smooth and pleasant!

Once you start using the right hairbrush, you will be amazed at how easily you can get your perfect hair look. We tried to list hairbrushes that cater to most hairstyling situations, as you need different brushes for different situations. Did you find one that caters to your hair needs? Tell us in the comments below!

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