Make Your Girlfriend Blush All Week with These Thoughtful Gifts under $30

By Andre January 5, 2023 in Home

If you have a girl that offers you unconditional love and affection in the materialistic times of today, you must know that you have something special. Love like this is not easy to come by; cherish it if you are lucky enough to have something like that! Sometimes we have trouble expressing ourselves to our partner, the feeling is there, but you cannot find the right words to describe it. A great way to express your sentiments without having to thread together the perfect words is a thoughtful gift, so we made a list of heartening and sentimental gifts for you to pick from!

I Wrote a Book About You

This one will certainly make your girlfriend gush with happiness for weeks, if not months! This book features fill-in-the-blanks that would let you tell your girlfriend about why you love her, and it also takes you down memory lane with moments you can tailor to yourselves just by adding the right words! You will have a blast filling in the blanks, and your heart will melt as your girlfriend blushes reading through it!

32 Photo Heart Shaped Collage

We always hear the phrase, “a picture is worth a thousand words,” so 32 of them in a heart-shaped collage will surely have her at a loss for words! Round up your best and most memorable photos and get a personalized collage to gift your girlfriend proudly! You can even add personalized text at the bottom to make it more heartfelt. Play your cards right, and you will have a very happy girlfriend!

Wallet Card Love Note

Opening the wallet is rarely an enjoyable part of the day, but when she sees this card, you can bet she will smile! Sometimes gifts are not about being practical or incredibly thoughtful, but just a reminder that someone loves you. The card’s message is incredibly heartfelt; you can make it a perfect gift by slipping it secretly into their purse or wallet! If a pre-written message is not for you, you can get a personalized one here.

Petite Travel Jewelry Case

Women love petite and cute little things; if they are functional, it blows their minds! These travel jewelry cases are so adorable, and when the love of your life sees how functional and travel-friendly they are, you will have the happiest woman in the world!

Juvia’s Place Nubian Earth Eyeshadow Palette

The winters go great with muted and subtle colors, and you cannot go wrong with an eyeshadow palette by Juvia’s Place. You will see the glimmer in her eye as soon as she opens the gift wrap to see this eyeshadow palette! With 12 different earthy tones, she will be overwhelmed and wear it on every date with you! The only problem you may have is explaining who gave you the idea of such a tasteful gift!

Show the special woman in your life how much she means to you, and keep reminding her how special she is! Did any of the gifts listed above catch your attention? If yes, tell us in the comments which one and why?

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